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24K Rose Gold Beauty Milk

This skin lightening milk is a lightweight, velvety cream body lotion infused with gold flakes replenishes moisture, fades the appearance of stretch marks, blemishes and dark marks, and enhances skin’s luminosity.

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24K Rose Gold Hydro Gel Face Masks

Luxurious pampering hydrating gel face mask infused with a nourishing cocktail of gold, collagen, blueberry and grapefruit extracts energize fatigued-looking skin by firming tone, softening fine lines, smoothing rough texture and brightening discolorations for a radiant, ultra-hydrated glow.

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24K Rose Gold Illuminating Serum

Skin-rejuvenating, whitening serum diminishes skin imperfections, blurs wrinkles and fine lines, and improves elasticity. This skin bleaching alternative is infused with quick-absorbing gold particles, omega 3 and probiotics, to revitalize fatigued-looking skin with a boost of hydration, collagen, and brightening imparting a renewed youthful luminosity.

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24K Rose Gold Limited Edition Gift Set

Luxurious rejuvenating skin care gift set infuses the power of gold, omega complex and probiotics to helps renew youthful-radiance and create a flawless, lit-from within glow. 

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24K Rose Gold Moisturizing Soap

Makari 24K Rose Gold Moisturizing Soap helps to whiten and brighten your complexion. This moisturizing skin-whitening beauty bar is an alternative to bleaching that conditions and luminizes skin as it removes impurities and debris.  

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24K Rose Gold Night Treatment Cream

Luxuriously rich brightening and reparative Makari gold lightening night cream boosts collagen production and fights the first signs of aging. This alternative to bleaching diminishes fine lines and increases skin suppleness improving texture for a more smoother, luminous appearance.

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AD Emollient Oil 145ml

AD Emollient Oil 145ml

The first skin care oil for atopic skin
Baby – Child – Adult
Unique texture “micro-emulsion” oil, a high concentrated care.
Soothes itching immediately and all day long.
Hydrates & replenishes 24hrs.

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Best Quality African Lace Fabric

Best Quality African Lace Fabric  Swiss Voile

Lace High Quality Emboridery Cotton French Mesh Lace Fabric Material

Features and specifications:

Color: Yellow / Fushia Pink / Royal Blue / Aqua / Green / Cream / Pink
Width: 120 cm
Technics: Embroidery
Fabric Type: African Lace Fabric
Usage: For parties and weddings
Length: 5 Yards (4.57 Meters)

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Cambras French Wine for over 18 years old

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Copper Embellished Wax Wax Fabric

Vlisco Guaranteed Real Dutch Copper Wax-Wax Print 6 Yards

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Croc Clutch bag & Croc Leather Sandal

Croc Clutch bag & Croc Leather Sandal

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DuoPack Premium+

High-performance duo skin whitening cream set brightens and nourishes skin with the highest combined concentration of our serum and creme infused lightening botanical actives. It helps combat hyperpigmentation and rebuild collagen to improve skin tone and texture at night while skin cells repair and regenerate.

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Exclusive Carrot And Argan Oil Exfoliating Soap

Makari Extreme Carrot & Argan Soap is a brand new innovative soap designed to help achieve flawless, blemish free, younger, and lighter skin. This revolutionary soap works to help fade the appearance of dark spots and helps lighten skin tone with its two most effective ingredients, argan and carrot oil. When these two ingredients are mixed in the unique combination containing Organiclarine, it provides an effective formula designed to help promote skin radiance .

Type: Soap
Size: 200g

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Exclusive Exfoliating Soap

Unveil luminous skin with this advanced whitening exfoliating bar. This bleaching alternative cleanses impurities, exfoliates dull, dead skin and promotes a clear, unified skin tone.

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